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Are you tired of those hefty mobile phone bills eating away at your budget? Well, we’ve got some great news for you! Cricket Wireless free month service is a fantastic deal that allows you to enjoy a month of calls, texts, and data at no cost . Yes, you read that right – free!

Before we share details of this incredible offer, let’s briefly introduce Cricket Wireless for those who might not be familiar with it.

In this blog , we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Cricket Wireless free month of service plan, how to qualify, and why it’s a game-changer for your budget.

What is Cricket Wireless free service offer?

Cricket Wireless is a well-established prepaid mobile phone carrier that operates under the AT&T network. Known for its affordability and extensive coverage, Cricket Wireless offers a range of plans to cater to diverse user needs. Whether you’re an individual looking for a budget-friendly option or a family seeking reliable connectivity, Cricket Wireless has you covered.

How to Get free service on Cricket Wireless?

One of Cricket Wireless’s standout initiatives is its collaboration with the Affordable Connectivity Program. This program aims to bring affordable broadband services to those who need them most. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can benefit in two significant ways:

  1. Free One-Month Broadband Services: Eligible candidates can enjoy one month of broadband services for free. This not only connects you to the digital world but also eases the financial burden.
  2. $30 Discount on Broadband Expenses: Beyond the free month, the program offers a $30 discount on your overall broadband expenses. This ongoing reduction ensures that staying connected remains affordable.

Cricket Wireless free month eligibility through ACP?

You may be eligible for a free month of service through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) if you meet the eligibility requirements. To be eligible,

  • Your household income must be at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.
  • You can also be eligible if you participate in certain government assistance programs, such as SNAP, Medicaid, or SSI.
  • You can under the disabled category.
  • You are a member of the Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance program.
  • You are given a federal Pell grant.

You can be eligible for a free month of service with Cricket Wireless, and you may even be able to get a free phone. This article will show you how get wireless free phone form cricket.

Cricket Wireless free plan requirements

how to Documents Need to Free Month Of Service

Here are some of the documents that you may need to provide to Cricket Wireless to verify your eligibility for the ACP:

  • Proof of income: This could be a recent pay stub, tax return, or letter from a government agency.
  • Proof of household size: This could be a recent utility bill, lease agreement, or other document that shows how many people live in your household.
  • Proof of participation : This could be a letter from the program, a benefits card, or other document.

Appling for A Cricket Wireless Free Month Service sign-up

Cricket Wireless does offer a number of discounts and promotions that can make their service more affordable for people on a budget, including the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

Apply for free month of Cricket services, you need to follow these simple steps :

Apply throw Affordable Connectivity Program:

  • Visit ACP official website: and click “Apply Now.”
  • Fill out all your required information, like name, number, address, email id, and social security number.
  • Click on the Next button. You upload softcopy of all the required documents and click “Submit.”
  • After Submit you will get a notification if the national verifier approves your verification.

Apply Online Cricket Program:

  • Visit the Cricket ACP program webpage.
  • Enter your Cricket phone number to get started. We’ll send you an SMS with a link to the Benefit form.
  •  Fill out the form on the website of Cricket Wireless to get discounted offers for a month.
  • After submitting the application form, you will be notified if your form gets selected in a few days, and enjoy the Cricket Wireless free services.

Cricket Wireless Free Month Of Service Plans

Affordable Connectivity Program, offered by Cricket Wireless, is a lifeline for individuals seeking affordable access to essential services. Here’s a breakdown of the program’s offerings:

1. $60 per Month Plan

  • Eligibility: This plan is readily accessible to those who belong to tribal communities or reside in rural towns.
  • Services: Participants in the ACP program can enjoy a comprehensive package, including free calling, unlimited data, picture sharing, and wifi calling, among others. This plan is a game-changer for those seeking robust connectivity.

2. $55 per Month Plan

  • Eligibility: This plan caters to individuals selected for the ACP program.
  • Services: Enrollees receive a host of Cricket Wireless services, including a free phone, internet access, unlimited data, calls, free wifi, and more. It’s a boon for those who need reliable communication without breaking the bank.

3. $40 per Month Plan

  • Eligibility: Participants in the ACP program are eligible for this service plan.
  • Services: This plan offers unlimited calls, 10GB of data, wifi access, and more. It’s a balanced option for those looking for cost-effective connectivity.

Can you get disqualified Free Month Of Service Plan

Yes, you can get disqualified if you cancel your Cricket Wireless service before the end of the free month. The ACP program requires that you keep your service active for the entire month in order to be eligible.

Pros and cons Cricket Wireless no-cost month of service

Free month of serviceLimited data
Eligible for low-income householdsNot available in all areas
No contract requiredMay be disqualified if you have an outstanding balance
Easy to sign upMay not be the best option for everyone
Pros and cons of Free Month Service

Cricket phone deals for new customers

Cricket Wireless is currently offering a number of deals on phones for new customers. Here are a few of the best deals:

  • Free Samsung Galaxy A14 5G: Get a free Samsung Galaxy A14 5G when you bring your number to Cricket and activate a new line on a minimum $60/month voice plan.
  • Free Motorola moto g 5G (2023): Get a free Motorola moto g 5G (2023) when you bring your number to Cricket and activate a new line on a minimum $60/month voice plan.
  • Free Cricket Innovate E 5G: Get a free Cricket Innovate E 5G when you bring your number to Cricket and activate a new line on a minimum $55/month voice plan.
  • $39.99 Motorola moto g stylus (2023): Get a Motorola moto g stylus (2023) for just $39.99 when you activate a new line on a minimum $55/month voice plan.
  • Free TCL 30 Z: Get a free TCL 30 Z when you activate a new line on a minimum $40/month voice plan.

Does Cricket Wireless have a free month referral program?

To participate in the Cricket Wireless referral program, you must be a current Cricket customer. You can then generate a referral link in the myCricket app or on the Cricket website. Share your referral link with your friends and family, and if they sign up for Cricket using your link, you will both earn a $25 account credit.

Note: You can earn up to $250 per year in account credits through the Cricket Wireless referral program.

What discounts and promotions does Cricket Wireless offer to veterans?

Cricket Wireless does not currently offer a free service plan specifically for veterans. However, they do offer a number of discounts and promotions that can make their service more affordable for veterans.

Cricket Wireless offers a 10% discount to veterans and military personnel. To get the discount, you must show proof of your military service, such as a DD-214 or a Military ID.

Frequently asked questions about Free Month of Cricket Wireless Service

Is the free month of service available for everyone?

No, the offer is generally available to new customers who meet the eligibility criteria set by Cricket Wireless. It aims to assist those facing financial constraints and help them stay connected affordably.

What is Cricket Wireless’s “Free Month of Service” offer?

Cricket Wireless’s “Free Month of Service” offer is a promotional campaign designed to provide eligible new customers with one month of mobile phone service at no cost. This includes access to voice, text, and data services.

What are the benefits of Cricket Wireless’s free month of service?

The benefits include substantial savings on your mobile phone bill for one month. You can enjoy reliable network coverage, 5G compatibility, and a variety of plan options tailored to your needs.

Can existing Cricket Wireless customers also avail the free month of service offer?

Typically, the free month of service offer is targeted at new customers switching to Cricket Wireless. However, Cricket Wireless may have special promotions from time to time that could benefit existing customers. It’s a good idea to check their website or contact customer support for the latest updates.

Can I switching to Cricket Wireless for the free month of service?

Yes, you can often keep your current phone number when switching to Cricket Wireless.

In Conclusion

Cricket Wireless’s commitment to helping those in need extends beyond providing basic connectivity—it’s about empowering individuals and communities. Through the Affordable Connectivity Program, they’re making a tangible difference in the lives of countless people by ensuring that vital services like internet access and communication are within reach.

If you find yourself in a position where affordable connectivity is crucial, exploring the ACP programs offered by Cricket Wireless could be a significant step towards staying connected and informed in today’s digital world.

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